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William Handwerker is the grandson of Nathan Handwerker, founder of America’s favorite frankfurter company and the iconic Coney Island, New York institution. Working alongside his grandfather and father, Murray, for 30 years, William penned Nathan’s Famous 100 Years to commemorate the enormous entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather’s legacy and the business history of one of America’s most loved foods–the Nathan’s Famous frankfurter. He worked as a teenager at the Coney Island and Oceanside restaurants during summers, weekends, and holidays. After graduating from Ithaca College, William joined his family’s company fulltime in 1976. During his tenure, William spearheaded operational improvements, and promotional and marketing campaigns, including judging the early years of the Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contests. William, who rose to Senior Vice President of Corporate Foodservice, departed the company in 1996. William has been interviewed by The Food Channel, the History Channel, and numerous national and New York media.

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